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SilverSabre25 07:52 AM 02-13-2014
Do you give the parents a new copy with all the changes highlighted or bolded or something? I'm just wondering. Because I'm going through and editing and changing one or two words here and there, as well as some bigger changes.
Blackcat31 07:54 AM 02-13-2014
I put my handbook on-line so that parents can have access to and print it off any time they would like.

If I make several changes, I usually write up a summary of those changes and then tell parents to make sure they re-read the handbook for full details.

Then I usually add that familiarizing themselves with the handbook on a regular basis I s always a good thing.

Parents will skip sections that don't pertain to their child (due to age etc) and then when the child does reach that age, they are clueless about expectations etc.
Cat Herder 08:06 AM 02-13-2014
My contract is also online with a FAQ section for clarification.

It is in bullet format to make for fewer misunderstandings. Short and to the point.

I only make changes when something big comes up that requires it. The old "all rules are made because someone once did something stupid" formula.

I will then send out notices both online and in draft copy to allow time for Q & A. It allows me time to weed out possible loop holes. The final hard copy will have a sign and return section that is added to their binder.

I am required to have current "easily understood" contracts available for my Licensor to inspect at all times. If any policy is confusing, I will be asked to make it clear and given a date for completion. Her current guideline is "can it be understood by a 3rd grader"? It should cross all educational levels.
MarinaVanessa 08:13 AM 02-13-2014
If I need to clarify something then I just post it in my newsletter. If I change/add/remove a policy I just write up a notice with the change and have parents sign a copy for myself. Then I add the changes to my copy of my handbook (word) and pass out new copies to everyone each year. I also post a copy online on my website. Interviews get a copy emailed to them.

I hand out new ones just because I hand out new parent packets every year when I update their files.
SilverSabre25 08:43 AM 02-13-2014

I think I will go with my original plan of putting new wording in bold red and old wording in a strikethrough for the current families. Then putting it all normal for going forward to new families.

I also keep saved copies of my old handbooks so that should cover me.
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