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MrsJ 02:23 PM 04-21-2019
Looking for suggestions!
I have just signed up for a program in our state and it's time to add things (some mandatory with the program) to my contract. I decided to completely re-write my contract and separate policies pages since I'm making those changes.

Currently I have everything combined in one packet. Here are some I've been thinking about adding/changing:
How snow days are handled
Provider holiday
sick policy (something to help with dope & drop issues)
How to pick up and drop off with ease

I searched the group and still sifting through past threads to find ideas. Are there checklists or threads that you would recommend?

I've been wanting to do this for a while..Now's my chance!! Don't want to miss anything I've found many great recommendations of policy phrasing and how-to's here in the past but now that the pressure is on to make this happen I'm losing track of where I have seen things.
springv 03:07 PM 04-21-2019
We have a policy manual that all parents must read and sign (but they never read it just sign it) before their children are going to start coming to our center, that has all of the policies that you mentioned but also include what we must do if someone different comes and picks up their children
Cat Herder 08:39 AM 04-22-2019
For me, simplification made all the difference in my work/life balance. Instead of 100 different rules for everyone to trip over, I kept the rules short and direct. Bullet points, really.

I go over this in the interview verbally, send out periodic reminders and have a FAQ section on my website.
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