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Old 08-20-2019, 04:59 PM
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Default Unlikable Children

I have a child who I recently terminated. I noticed an alarming trend. This child had no friends. It wasn't bullying or being shy. The child sort of rubbed everyone, including adults, the wrong way. Everything, according to the family, was not their fault. I noticed this a lot. With all ages and genders. It's even to the point where other children will tell their families "I didn't play with X today. I don't like them". Is anyone else noticing this?
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Old 08-20-2019, 06:31 PM
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Pestle Pestle is offline Member
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I'm not sure what you are asking.

Are you talking about a particular child, or about a behavior that you're seeing in many children?

Are you talking about a child that you don't like, or a child that nobody likes, or children who let people know when they don't like another child?

Are you talking about a family that rejects the idea that their child has negative behaviors, or about a child who is disliked even though they don't have negative behaviors? Or are you saying that the parents complained about their child?

I can't figure out what your experience was. Can you give us some concrete examples?
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Old 08-20-2019, 07:03 PM
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I had a child in care that was like this as well. He was only with me two days a week so I was not able to affect any real change. I did not terminate but he went to kindergarten. His sister is the same way but not as bad, mainly because she started with me at a younger age. He always irritated the living crap out of everyone and invaded their personal space.

There isnít a whole lot you can do about unlikeable people in general.
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Old 08-20-2019, 09:41 PM
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Mom2Two Mom2Two is offline Member
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Like Pestle said, it's a bit hard to tell if you are talking about an unlikable child or families who blame everyone else or a child who acts snobby.

But as far as unlikeable goes, it's sad but some kids are really hard to like, and it's hard to know how much of it is trained by parents and how much is genetic or if it's a combo. Probably a combo though.
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Old 08-20-2019, 10:57 PM
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Undiagnosed ASD maybe. There's such a vast increase in ASD now. Poor eye contact, inability to communicate effectively, lack of empathy, inability to read emotions, etc. It can be a very high functioning child that still is on the AS, but isn't able to connect socially.
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Old 08-21-2019, 03:30 AM
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I think there's a lot more striving for attention by children these days. They seem to be pulling more strings than I ever remember from my earlier years in child care. Whatever it takes to get all eyes on them...that's what I'm thinking, whether it's being louder, more physical, more whiny, more obnoxious, more selfish and self-involved than ever, don't know how to play nice. I also think children are subconsciously screaming for boundaries from parents, to prove someone does love them, want them safe, etc.
It felt like there was 'always that one in the group' that was challenging but now each group has many.
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asd, unlikable children

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