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momofthree 05:17 AM 06-07-2011
I am not sure what is going on with the 2 two year old boys I have in care. One of them is with me over one year part-time comes two to three times a week. He cannot play, he will sit or stand and close his eyes and sleep or pretend to be sleeping. If I say J go play toys he will roll his eyes like you will only see the white of his eyes.

The other two year old is only with me about two months, so I can tell he is still adjusting. He will play but then he can just sit or stand by the window looking out. I have a feeling mom do a lot of playing and floor time with him.

How can I break these two kids into playing with out I play with them.

I have tried gaving them a toy or some toys where they are sitting and it will stay right there without them touching it.

The rest of the kids I have in care are 2 - 12 months and 1 - 18 months which they know how to entertain themselves.

The one two year old that just started has a sensory problems so I also need help with him. Meaning he does not like his hands getting dirty or he touching anything
Tags:2 year old, adjusting, playing issues, sensory problems
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