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cheerfuldom 06:24 AM 10-07-2011
one mom I know was reading a provider's policies and told me she didn't like them and they were too harsh. when asked what was harsh about them, she could not give any examples but said she didn't like how the provider comes across with not liking to work with unruly children......ha ha. I don't like working with unruly children either (and I told her that). apparently providers are supposed to be super human, able to fall in love with every single children and patiently able to handle everything a child might do/say/not do/etc. with a smile on their face and a hug to follow
Cat Herder 06:29 AM 10-07-2011
Egh, I bet she missed the part about "age appropriate behaviors".

I am sure most CAN take/handle "unruly" just not ridiculous unruly.

Let a 4 year old spit in her face or a 8 year old tag her neighbors shed once and see if she still feels the same.
nannyde 06:32 AM 10-07-2011

Parent: The provider comes off like she doesn't want to work with unruly children.

Provider: You have an unruly child? I have a special running now for unruly children. I normally charge $500 per week but times are tough. I will lower it down to $450. Would you like to set up an interview?
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