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Mom2TLE 06:53 AM 04-03-2014
Does anyone have a form or know of one online for behavioral observations? DCD of little dcb I gave notice to on Tuesday came in today and asked if maybe we would be willing to put up a camera so that they could see what is setting of his aggressive behavior. I said that it wouldn't be possible due to parent confidentiality and having to have pemission from all parents for them to be able to watch it. I told them the best I could do is observation forms stating exactly what happens, who (using child 1, child 2, etc) was around and what was going on just prior to the incident to try and figure it out. I think they are trying to keep me from terming, it is still going to happen though. I am writing it all down in a notebook now but was wondering if someone had a form that worked. TIA
Mom2TLE 07:57 AM 04-03-2014
Never mind after spending the first hour of my day literally recording behavioral issues it is not worth the time it takes. I truly was not done with one when another would start I even recorded some together and still couldn't keep up. I thought about recording it and writing it down later but I am not spending 8 hours tonight transcribing.
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