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Heart2Heart 01:05 PM 09-28-2011
Well.... no budget really!
I am just starting out with a home day care and I dont have any children yet. I have posted on CL but I havent had any inquiries. I live in a small city. I dont have much money to spend on advertising. Can anyone share any ideas or experiences if they have been in this situation? Thanks
CaliMom 01:52 PM 09-28-2011
You can order free business cards and post cards from and hand them out or put them on car windshields. Maybe local schools will let you put some in their office for referrals. Good luck!
Crystal 01:59 PM 09-28-2011
make a flier and put it in gyms, on car windows in a parking lot and at local colleges. also, if you have any larger businesses in the area, ask the manager to hang fliers in the break room with the offer of a 10% discount for employees.
Heart2Heart 02:20 PM 09-28-2011
Thank you for the ideas!!
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