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MsKara 04:41 AM 06-09-2010
I'm trying to raise money for one of the toddler/preschool curriculum's because they are really expensive. I've already thought about yardsales and bakesales, but because I am a small daycare with only 5 or 6 children, it doesn't look too profitable. I've raised my rates recently ever so slightly to anticipate the higher cost of doing a curriculum. Any ideas on fundraising? I know this has been asked before but I could not find the thread.
Lianne 06:41 AM 06-09-2010
Tupperware has a great fundraising program. A couple years ago I had a yard sale to raise money for a preschool table and chairs. The families all donated items to the yardsale and I put a sign up on my lawn saying "Help us raise money for our preschool table and chairs" People were more motivated to buy something knowing the proceeds were going to something specific.
gbcc 08:31 AM 06-09-2010
I just did a little lambs fundraiser selling Aunt Annie's pretzels and cookies. I had 8 families participate and raised a little over $500. It was very user friendly as well.
momma2girls 08:46 AM 06-09-2010
Scentsy has a great fundraising as well- there is another one- MC fundraising
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