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nsnavely 03:36 PM 04-11-2013
Hi guys (: I have a question. Those if u that offer drop in care. Do u charge by the hour or a daily drop in rate? I want to charge by the hour but this family has 2 kiddos and it seems like an awful lot. But I'm the other hand I don't want to get ripped off! Can u please tell me how much you charge for drop in? Keep in mind that I am currently not on any food program. Thanx!!!
Michael 03:38 PM 04-11-2013
These are related:
nsnavely 03:38 PM 04-11-2013
Sorry I'm on my phone and I fat finger a lot!!
craftymissbeth 03:40 PM 04-11-2013
I haven't quite opened yet, but for drop-ins I'll be charging hourly. For two kids it could definitely start adding up, but that's the perk of not having a part or full-time contract. You get to come only whenever you need care and not be committed to part or full time. Obviously the cons are that it's more expensive and care isn't always available, but it's their choice to be drop-in only. KWIM?
e.j. 03:48 PM 04-11-2013
I charge by the hour for all of my families - permanent and drop-in. I don't offer a sibling discount. My hourly rate is less than what some babysitters in this area get. Unlike some babysitters, I do craft activities with the kids and provide meals at no additional cost so I don't feel too bad about the expense for two kids. They're actually getting a bargain!
MarinaVanessa 04:05 PM 04-11-2013
I do both.

I charge $6 with a 4 hour minimum for those that only need a few hour in a day (less than 8) and I charge a flat daily rate of $45 for up to 10 hours. Basically if they pay for a full day and stay a full 10 hours they get a couple of hours free.
AfterSchoolMom 04:50 PM 04-11-2013
I charge a daily rate, per child for drop ins.
MrsSteinel'sHouse 04:52 PM 04-11-2013
a daily rate for 9 hours and then $5 an hour after that.
Laurel 07:13 PM 04-11-2013
My regular rate is $30 a day but for drop in I charge $35 per day if I have room available. They pay for a whole day no matter how many hours they are here and can stay from opening till closing.

ksmith 09:35 PM 04-11-2013
I did both. If it was 1-4 hours they were charged the hourly rate of $8/hr. Anything above four hours they were charged $35/day.
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