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mindi1314 02:04 PM 02-04-2014
I'm curious to know what method you find the most effective when you have an open spot you are looking to fill.
From previous posts I see many people hate Craigslist.
For me - its very effective, I've never even advertised any place else.
But that makes me think that maybe I'm losing potential clients because I don't know any other avenue's to post with.

Thanks !
mindi1314 02:38 PM 02-04-2014
Sorry ! New to and didn't realize there was a search button (gasp)
Have enjoyed reading previous threads about advertising.
Thinking I may try Google+
EntropyControlSpecialist 03:47 PM 02-04-2014
Mailings, Facebook groups, word of mouth, and the state places me on their website because they inspect me and I get a lot there, etc. I have NEVER gotten anyone from Craigslist.
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