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Bertha 10:18 PM 10-21-2014
Just recently, I put an ad in my local paper advertising my new business adventure. My own in-home daycare. Thanks to a close friend of mine who has experience in child care and owning her own in-home daycare, I was prepared with the paperwork, enthusiasm, knowledge and support, that I needed to get off the ground. After transforming a room in my house into the daycare room and making lesson plans, I put an ad into the local paper. From the ad I received one phone call and no follow up interviews. The poor response now has me wondering if I should try again (put another ad out) or if that will be a waste of money...?
I would like advice on how to get an in-home daycare successfully started. Did you struggle in the same way as me?
I so badly want this. I am a stay at home wife, with no kids, that wants to contribute to the finances while feeling like I am making a difference in a kids life.
Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Blackcat31 06:14 AM 10-22-2014
Welcome to the forum!

Anything new is scary but you can find a ton of helpful ideas, tips, tricks and support from the ladies and gents here so stick around and join in the conversation!
Cat Herder 06:21 AM 10-22-2014
The best way to launch is to get your face known in the community. Volunteer at the church nursery, read to kids at the public library or participate in a local big brother/big sister or scouting program.

I usually recommend talking to other moms while at the public parks and pools, but with no kids with you it may come off weird... Do you have nieces and nephews? Word of mouth trumps any advertising you could possibly come up with.

You can also take full advantage of Halloween advertising and the daycare jumpers that will be calling during the upcoming paid Holidays.
AmyKidsCo 07:04 AM 10-22-2014
Ditto Cat Herder - word of mouth is the best advertising!

Ask friends/family to refer you to potential clients.
Drop off brochures at local schools.
On Halloween, hand out business cards with treats to any family with little ones.

Tom Copeland has a 6 month marketing calendar with ideas to promote your program.
melilley 11:24 AM 10-22-2014
I opened 1.5 years ago and it took 2-3 months to be full to where I wanted to be. It takes time. I've also noticed (and heard from members on here) that at certain times of the year, I get more calls than at other times.

I've had a lot of success using CL to advertise. That's where I found all of my starting families as well as my newest family. If CL is widely used where you live, you could try that avenue for advertising. I've also gotten 2 clients from word of mouth/referrals. And I agree, you could make business cards and hand them out. Vista Print usually has good deals and great backgrounds.
Bertha 02:15 PM 10-22-2014
Thank y'all! All of y'all gave me really good advice. I really liked the idea to hand out business cards with the candy on Halloween.
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