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delferka 11:28 AM 03-13-2020
I have a home daycare and take care of a few kids who's parents work in the school system. The schools are shutting down due to the virus. They are all getting full pay. How do I go about telling them that they still have to pay me?! Thank you in advance!
Cat Herder 12:23 PM 03-13-2020
I told them that I am open so payment is still due. Same as always. Tuition is not based on attendance.

All my teacher kids are still here today and schools are closed. Same all summer long every year.
e.j. 01:03 PM 03-13-2020
I plan to hand parents a notice on Monday that reminds them of my illness/payment policies. I'm in MA, too, and the schools in this area are closing as well. I have several parents who work for various school systems and from their comments so far, they understand tuition is still due whether their child attends or not. I also have parents who work in the medical and public service fields so I plan to remain open unless I get sick or family child cares are advised to close. Since I'll be open and available to care for all of the families, I still expect payment from all families. I wish I could afford not to have them pay when their kids are out (if they stay out) but I can't go without an income and still stay in business.
Tags:teachers as clients, tuition not based on attendance
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