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Play Care 04:55 AM 12-10-2014
When you have to close for the day, how do you notify families? Do you have some families who are more difficult to get in touch with?
I've been having some issues with this, so looking for some new ideas.
Provider_Manda 05:14 AM 12-10-2014
Right now all my families have FB messenger so if I have to close unexpectedly I send out a group message to them, also text or call individually if I see they have not seen the message.
KSDC 07:59 AM 12-10-2014
I text everyone for closings, early closings,even low on diapers. My current families all have smart phones and always text back quickly.
Blackcat31 08:01 AM 12-10-2014
I text.

I require each family to provide a primary contact source that they can send and receive messages that need immediate attention.

All of my current families opted to text...
Last year all but one also chose text. The odd one chose old fashioned call my landline house phone and leave a message.
CraftyMom 08:14 AM 12-10-2014
I text. They all have their phones on them or check them throughout the day.
daycarediva 08:27 AM 12-10-2014
Text AND mass email. I also request that they respond that they have received the message.

It's preferred by my parents and easy for me. If a parent is repeatedly not responding, I directly ask what a better option for them would be. I had one who preferred a phone call at work with a voicemail, since she paid texting per text and didn't check her personal email often.

It's getting nasty here, so I am watching/waiting for the SOE to go out and may have to close early tonight and/or tomorrow.
jenboo 08:29 AM 12-10-2014
I send out a group text and tell them to reply when they have seen the message.
Wednesday! 10:19 AM 12-10-2014
Yes, always ask for them to reply. They could be halfway to your house to pick up and you not even realize it because they didn't respond to the text/email.
Annalee 10:27 AM 12-10-2014
I text as well!
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