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Josiegirl 03:24 PM 09-19-2016
Well, not sure if it qualifies as art but I'm always looking for ways to color maple leaf shapes differently. We've done apples with tissue paper and painted fall leaf shapes. So wanted something a bit different.

But today I cut glossy photo paper into large leaf shapes, then I put shaving cream on a cookie sheet, sprinkled dots of red and yellow, put gloves on 1 dck at a time(just to cut down on the messiness) and let them swirl the colors together. When they liked what they saw we took a leaf, glossy side down, and pushed it gently onto the shaving cream, making sure we pushed all the areas(otherwise you end up with huge white spots), then carefully pulled it off. We laid it on top of a paper towel and kind of shaved the shaving cream off the top(you can use a piece of stiff cardboard, cut up cereal box would work). You end up with magically bright swirly colors of autumn, really pretty!

Has anyone started doing fall-inspired projects yet?
I need some new ideas!!
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