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Country Kids 02:25 PM 08-08-2011
How many weeks does everyone take for vacations? Here is what I was thinking for next year but not sure if its to much.

A week at Christmas
A week at Springbreak
Two weeks in the summer-one of those weeks would be to get children ready for school-registrations, school clothes shopping, supplies, etc. I have 4 children in three different schools. So I either work 1/2 days or take the day off to get them registered. So thought it might be easier to do a whole week.

Does that sound like to much? One part of me says yes but 3 out of my 5 daycare clients are teachers so they are off during those times. Also, when I have tried to stay open I will end up with 2 or three each day but not a consistent schedule and then think that I could have just been doing something with my own children.

I was also thinking about taking one of those weeks and making it a week of personal day-sickness, appointments, etc. Another thought was not to schedule anything and just take days when I'm needing to but would really like to schedule it so my parents have an idea of when to need backup.
Cat Herder 03:30 PM 08-08-2011
I take a week at Christmas, a week at Spring Break (mid april) and a few three day Holiday weekends.

I am not a fan of the Summer heat or crowds of tourists.
cheerfuldom 03:48 PM 08-08-2011
two weeks paid but if anything else comes up, I take what I need unpaid.
MN Day Mom 05:36 PM 08-08-2011
I give myself two weeks paid per year and just take whatever else I need. Most of my families all have always paid me for any time I need to take off regardless if I have opted to use vacation time or not. I usually take a week for spring break so my family can go on vacation... use a few of the days to add to the Christmas Holiday and get a week off there... then a few extended weekends in the summer.
Meyou 03:09 AM 08-09-2011
I take a week at Christmas, a week in the summer and then 3-4 long weekends instead of a third week. I prefer to have random 4 day work weeks instead of a whole week off. I let the parents know all the dates at the beginning of the year and they just schedule around them.
MARSTELAC 04:13 AM 08-09-2011
I take one week (7 days paid). I take one week (7 days unpaid).
I take up to 6 paid holidays. I think I have a few sick/funeral days (unpaid as well).

I try to give my schedule for the upcoming year (ie. 2012) in mid-December at the latest.

The only thing that isn't scheduled are funerals/sick days (I've used 1.5 of these days in almost 4 years) and I already had my paid vacation this year but decided to use my two remaining paid vacation days and have just scheduled one for the end of this month. I don't think parents were too happy but it is in my contract and I gave at least 2 weeks notice.

I want to spend some time with my kids before school starts up.
Crazy8 05:38 AM 08-09-2011
I only take 1 week paid, anything else is unpaid and I give 30 days notice. I often get the week after xmas off from people choosing not to come (and they still have to pay) but I don't need it off for any particular reason so I don't mind if I don't get that little extra.
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