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momatheart 07:11 AM 03-10-2011
Do you think a one week vacation is enough for a fulltime daycare employee or home provider?

At one point I had heard from a licensed provider that by law she was to have at least 2 weeks paid vacation. Is there such a law?
DCMomOf3 07:14 AM 03-10-2011
I am pretty sure it's not a law, i think she was trying to ensure she got vacation time.
DCMomOf3 07:21 AM 03-10-2011
I have been looking a little and each state has variations but no where can I find a law requiring any paid time off, or any time off, other than FMLA for larger companies.
momatheart 07:30 AM 03-10-2011
Humm maybe she just gives herself that 2 weeks and meant it was HER law LOL.

In your all's opinion, how many weeks should a person in daycare get?
Cat Herder 07:40 AM 03-10-2011
I don't expect any, but that is just my market area.

Several of my parents have paid me during my scheduled vacations (2 weeks a year, separate) since they get paid vacation and felt I deserved it.

Most do give me a bonus as "Just Because" or "Thank You" before my vacations so I can have a bit of fun with my 3 kids.

It really varies by each provider, her experience and level of service.

Respect is earned.
daycare 08:40 AM 03-10-2011

I did not take one day off all year last year, not even for the holidays... Why? don't know, guess I got caught up in work and just love the kids... Not to mention, my husband had to work all holidays and most weekends so I did too. Plus I have no family near by.....

This year, I decided to open on all small holidays like Presidents, labor day and etc. but i will be closing two days before and after all major holidays so that I can have my family out here or I can go there...

Parents that don't understand that we are a private small business and have a life too, need to find a different business to have their child in...
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