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Nickel 08:57 PM 08-12-2012
Ok. So ive had three interviews so far? Something like that. And not one enrollment. So this week i have three more. One is for a lady with two children both 1 yr old but one is turning 2 in sept. The second is for part time. Shes looking for a nanny because hers just quiet and the sitter she has is going back to school. She contacted me on sitter city so i replied that i provided care in my home. Shes coming.from the other end in the nice area if ya kwim... Her son cant go to mdo because hes not potty trained yet so im going to see if she'll put him in my program part time to see how he does since i provide a curriculum and educational resources. The third is looking for part time too for her 3yr old. Not sure about this one though since her schedule changes all the time. But i figure ill see how all the interviews go and go from there.

So wish me luck. First interview is tomorrow and second and third is tuesday!
Breezy 10:16 PM 08-12-2012
Good luck! Just look at all these interviews as a chance to become a pro interviewer!!
DaisyMamma 04:17 AM 08-13-2012
Good luck!
I have an interview tomorrow that I'm hoping works out too
Nickel 03:44 PM 08-13-2012
Woohoo!!! I had a lady come today that was originally looking for a nanny so I was thinking it was probably going to be a no go, but she really surprised me! She is only looking for care 8-10 hrs a week for two children. I was really struggling with what to charge her, when she called me back and said she would pay me $100/week for the two kids! This way I woudln't lose money but not having a full time child!!! Woohoo! I was nervous offering to do it for $50! I get to meet her little ones on Wed, so I'm so excited! Yes!!!

Then one of my two interviews tomorrow cancelled. Her son has pink eye She wanted late hours, so I'm okay with her cancelling. My other interview is for two full timers. They only need care 7-330!!! If I fill that one I'm good!!!! AND I also got a call today for a nine month old. Mom's a teacher. So we'll see what happens between these two! It looks like people just procrastinate!
Nickel 07:00 PM 08-13-2012
I got a call today and was asked if I could interview this evening. They have a 9 month old little girl and mom was going to put her in a daycare and decided she would rather a home provider with a lower ratio! So they came today and I think it went great. Both mom and dad came and they both liked the set up. So, they said they would let me know, but they need someone Thursday! Wish me luck!!!!! Baby was super cute too! LOL
Fruitloops1 07:02 PM 08-13-2012
woooo hoooo! I hope it works out!!! Let us know as soon as you can!
Nickel 09:23 PM 08-14-2012
Baby is starting on Thursday! And my other interview wants to start this month too!

Now I just have one more to go and then I have to choose who gets a spot. Scary

How do you tell a parent no? Suggestions would be much appreciated!!!
Breezy 09:45 PM 08-14-2012
Yay you!!!!
DaisyMamma 10:10 PM 08-14-2012
I just had to make that phone call today, to tell a parent no. I was so relieved to get voicemail! I said that I was sorry, but the two spaces were filled yesterday and gave her some names of other local providers. So, anyway, I was lucky because they came for an interview, but didn't call back to ask for a spot for 5 days. So my answer was realistic. Good luck, and Congrats on the enrollments!
Nickel 11:10 AM 08-15-2012
Well i called dcm of full time kds to offer her a spot but she declined. After yesterday she wanted it. Oh well. Good thing i didnt tell dcm of pt kids yet! So guess we wikl see what sue says. But my infant starts tomorrow! Im super excited! Thanks for the support!
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