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Old 12-14-2014, 03:01 AM
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Josiegirl Josiegirl is online now Member
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Default Changing Things Up For 2015

I know I know....let's get through Christmas first.
I've been meaning to make some major changes to my policies, my daycare in general, etc., for awhile now. I have made small ones but really need to redo the whole thing over.

Will you all be changing things around, whether it's inside your daycare home, your routine or with your contracts/policies? If so, what? And where do I begin? Between paperwork and trying to keep things organized, along with maintaining any kind of routine, I feel overwhelmed so it never gets done. Seems to be my style.

And what about curriculum? Whenever I get asked if I do any kind of curriculum, I'm thinking what do they mean by curriculum? We learn all day long but there is not set pattern. Is it learning using themes each week, is it setting time such as 'ok, now it's letter time, now it's circle time'...?

Lots of questions but if anyone wants to share how they do things, and what changes they're integrating for 2015, I would LOVE to hear about it!!

Thank you
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Old 12-14-2014, 07:59 AM
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Family ChildCare Provider
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I know, we could work 24/7, couldn't we? Hopefully that isn't required until next year

Here are my changes:

The main policy that I am changing is to limit my work hours. My parents were contacting me in multiple modes at all hours of the day, and I felt compelled to respond, because I have always responded to everyone as soon as possible. It has snowballed with my current group so that I literally never had a day off. These people emailed me while I was on vacation!

Now, my 'work' email is only open during my business hours. I do not check it in between. I no longer answer phone calls or listen to messages except during my business hours. I am letting parents know that they will receive a response from me within two business days. This 'immediate' stuff that I have always done is no longer workable for me. I am also limiting responses to my part-time families to days that their child is in care - several families were sucking all of the time from other kids' care by writing/calling/expecting answers on days that their own children were not in attendance. If someone wants to talk about an 'urgent' matter () I offer them a fifteen minute phone conference scheduled during naptime. If they miss their window, another time must be scheduled.

I have a set of forms that parents are to fill out for various items - things that we are required to have in writing. Previously I printed lengthy emails in order to have the info in writing. Now if they email or ask in person, instead of me printing it or writing it down, I direct them to the forms.

(As I write all of this, I realize that I am having to structure things for adults now. This is a huge change from the past, when my parents used some common sense about how to handle these things. I mean, how hard is it? I see you twice a day )

For curriculum, could you write a page or two for each age group, about how they are learning in your care? As you think of the things you do, and as you do them, add to the list. Then after a month or so, finalize the list as a handout, or something to refer to, whether for parents or for licensing.

Not sure if any of this helps, but it sure is helping me regain some control of my time
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Old 12-14-2014, 08:37 AM
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midaycare midaycare is offline Member
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The only thing I'm changing so far is curriculum. I was using Funshine Express and I'm changing over to Mother Goose Time In January. I'm really excited. It better fits my needs by far.

We live in a place with excellent schooling, so having an actual curriculum is necessary. I have a friend who does not do one and has had trouble finding more than 2 kids to watch for the past 2 years.

Also, if anyone leaves and someone else comes, I will up my price. I found out I'm really cheap!
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Old 12-14-2014, 05:25 PM
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Shell Shell is offline Member
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I was really strict about drop off/ pick up times and late fees as well as no texting- really cut back on the b.s. From parents. Then I got a new group, and stupidly thought they would respect all of these things, and didn't need it spelled out for them. Well, it worked before when I was stricter, so it's time for that again! Why can't parents just follow rules without consequences??? Sometimes it's like dealing with 3 year olds!
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Old 12-14-2014, 07:23 PM
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renodeb renodeb is offline Member
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I used to have this one client that would text me every day to ask how her child was doing. Well one day I must of had my phone on silent and I didn't hear it. When I did check it I saw that she had texted: hello? Are you there? several times then while I was looking through the phone she called all panicked cause I hadn't texted her back. That kinda annoyed me.
The only change I really made is that I raised my rates. If there are other changes I want to make I always start with my policies and go from there.
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Old 12-15-2014, 03:54 AM
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DaveA DaveA is online now Member and Bladesmith
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Changing rates and a clarifying a few existing policies. Otherwise business as unusual.
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