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godiva83 06:52 AM 09-14-2011
We are heading to the apple orchard and spending a day in the country
It is such a fresh, and beautiful today I can't wait!
We are setting up a picnic and meeting up with another DCP and her group. We are finishing our day off with some warm apple cider and making apple crisps to send is going to be a glorious day!
littlemommy 06:55 AM 09-14-2011
That sounds so fun!! Makes me wish I had a smaller and older aged group that would enjoy something like that! Warm apple cider sounds absolutely AMAZING right now!
godiva83 07:02 AM 09-14-2011
I have 4 little ones aged 18 -20 months- they love our little outtings
SilverSabre25 07:23 AM 09-14-2011
omgosh that sounds so fun! I wish I could go places with my crew...
godiva83 03:05 PM 09-14-2011
Okay, we had an AMAZING day but I am now so so exhausted, I am ready for an early night
littlemommy 07:28 AM 09-15-2011
I know most of my group would enjoy outings like that, I just don't have the means of transportation.
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