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Old 12-10-2012, 12:13 PM
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Default The 2 Year Old Who Loves Babies Too Much :(

Recently I had posted about the 2 year old I enrolled a few weeks ago. All the kids in my care have always been good around babies, don't mess with them too much, never hold them (that's a no no here), and actually play nice in the same area as them. Right now I have a little feller who is 11mo who this little girl tries to get at every chance she gets. She plays normally with the other children, but if the infant is around...get out of her way!!! She wants him! She yanks his legs and arms to pull him to her, puts him in a headlock to try and kiss him, and pins him down with her whole body so he can't get away. (She is a solid little girl who is very strong for her age)This little girl does not listen whatsoever. While she is doing these things and I am telling her to stop, she keeps on doing it. I have had to pry her fingers off of his arm because she just wouldnt let go. I have been working very hard on getting her to be gentle, and nothing is working except keeping them completely seperated...which isn't really fair to the 11 month old who is beginning to walk and used to being around the other kids. Today one of the daycare moms came over with her 1 week old baby to introduce her to the kids. All the other kids neeled patiently around the carrier taking turns patting her arm. (My group is 22m-5y) Then I while I was removing the infant from the carrier, and both hands were on the baby, I saw the 2 year old rush up before the mom or I could grab her and she grabbed the baby's head to try to get her out. The mom was upset and I removed the 2 year old and had her sit in a time out. Then I was sitting on the floor holding the newborn and the 2 year old comes out of time out and just sits next to me. I tell her how we have to be gentle and careful because she is so little and fragile and we don't want to hurt her. No sooner do I say those words does she reach out and grab her arm with a death grip trying to pull the baby to her. I am trying to pry her fingers off and she is screaming and fighting me and then grabs the other arm and does the same thing. As soon as we got her loose, I decided she was going down for nap early. This infant could have been seriously hurt because of this little girls impulsive behavior. I know she doesn't mean to harm the baby, but she doesn't understand the need to be gentle and we don't hold babies here. I am having another talk with the parents today at pick up. Unfortunately, due to the saftey of the younger children, if they can't get this under control by the first of the year, I will no longer be able to care for her It is really too bad, they are a great family, and this is a very good little long as she isn't around babies (but her mother is due in it is in their best interest to fix this issue)
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Old 12-10-2012, 12:23 PM
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I have one that won't leave the babies alone either. She is a 2yo and if she isn't messing with the babies themselves she is buckling their empty carseats, getting their diapers out, etc. I have a large play yard gate type thing that I put her in or sometimes put the baby in.
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Old 12-10-2012, 12:38 PM
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I am totally laughing as I read your post....NOT in a mean way...just totally picturing a cute sweet little 2 year old literally loving to death a baby!

I agree though that no matter how cute she is or how much she really loves babies, it isn't a safe situation.

I would probably try to maybe do some role playing with her and play with pretend babies and see if you can't teach her the right way to be gentle around babies. I would also do everything in my power to simply not allow her around the babies unless you are right there guiding her.

If she attempts in any way or is successful at grabbing onto the baby, I would immediately separate her and tell her in a VERY firm voice "NO!" and move her away. I would think that with a lottle consistency coupled with some games and role paying to teach her "gentle touch" she should get it soon.

I would also have the parents start playing the same type of games and role playing at home so she can learn from them as well. They will need her to understand this rule before too long so they best start now.
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Old 12-10-2012, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by PolkaTots View Post
Unfortunately, due to the saftey of the younger children, if they can't get this under control by the first of the year, I will no longer be able to care for her It is really too bad, they are a great family, and this is a very good little long as she isn't around babies (but her mother is due in it is in their best interest to fix this issue)
If there aren't any other babies in the extended family/close friends, there may not be much they can do, unless maybe role playing with a realistic looking baby doll would help...?

My provider recently took on an infant part time and my 3.5yo daughter is absolutely fascinated. The children are all gentle with the baby and the provider trained them very quickly to only touch the baby on the legs or feet, but apparently my daughter spent the first few days with the baby giving my poor provider a constant play-by-play. "Ms. Jane, Baby yawned." "Ms. Jane, Baby moved her arm like this." "Ms. Jane, Baby is crying." even when the provider was holding the infant. I felt bad but there wasn't much I could think of to do to help since I wasn't there and there weren't any other babies outside of daycare hours that I could "train" my daughter with - she was so excited because she'd never seen an infant close-up before.
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Old 12-10-2012, 01:03 PM
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Default about sending mom and dcg to the store TONIGHT for her very own baby? Tell mom to let HER pick...even if mom thinks it's Whichever one dcg falls in love with is THE ONE!

When she even TRIES to touch the real say... "Where is YOUR baby?"

I'd get her a baby, bottles, diapers, a bag...the whole shebang. Hopefully, it wont start a trend where EVERYONE needs their own baby...
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