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daycare 12:57 PM 07-05-2012
In CA, you have to obtain workers comp if you have an employee work for you.

I have been trying to find someone who will write a policy for me.

Anyone have a company that supplies them with workers comp? Also if you have any experience with it, what do you feel is a good amount of coverage to have for only one employee that will work less than 20 hours a week?
Michael 01:11 PM 07-05-2012
I used He will advise you on the amount needed.
kathiemarie 06:13 PM 07-05-2012
My bother used to have a staffing company that also did payroll for companys for the sole reason that they (the company) didn't want to find workmans comp. He had a daycare in Santa Barbara has a client. I think she paid them 10.00 and my brother billed her 12.65. That encluded payroll taxes too. It might be worth while to look into that option.
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