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Unregistered 12:56 PM 03-25-2021
Iím a long time member but am logged out for privacy and I couldnít remember the password to the members only section.

Iíve been a provider for around 25 years in total. I also spent some time as a center director. I have an interview next week for a center director position at a brand new center that I would be in charge of prepping to open, hiring etc. The board built the building and worked with CCRR to design and outfit it. I wasnít necessarily looking to close my childcare right away but was told about the position after being referred to the board.

I want to close my home child care. My children are old enough, Iím tired of the long hours, constant changes, and intrusions and I want the 1/3 of my house back that my childcare uses. The pay will likely be less but I can deal with that as long as itís not horrible.

I have no idea what to ask during the interview. My last job as a center director was part time because of the center hours, however I was in charge of initial inspections, opening etc. I ran my home childcare at the same time. I quit because the board members were both inexperienced in ECE and running a business but micromanaged every single task. So while I have some information I donít know what to expect if I actually get the position and close my home childcare.

What pros/cons can you give me? What advice do you have? What do I need to consider if I close my child care? What is most helpful information to know about being a center director? What questions are important to ask during the interview and before accepting the position (if itís offered)? Please tell me your stories!

Sorry about typos etc. Iím typing from a tiny phone keyboard and have big old fingers and poor vision. Lol
Unregistered 05:05 PM 03-25-2021
"what's your child care philosophy" "What does your ideal design look like for this center? Material, wall art, toys, ect" "what would a ideal day look like?"
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