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kcnjason 09:40 AM 08-25-2011
I need some ideas. My kids are ages 2-5 but next week my older ones will be off to school and I will have 2-3 year olds. They are loving water painting pictures/craft activities. Do you have any other ideas such as water painting? Regular paints we do occassionaly but are more work and mess, I think. What are some other fun ways to do pictures other than coloring and water painting? Is there other ways? I just have went blank on ideas.
blueclouds29 10:02 AM 08-25-2011
How about foam pieces to make a picture or collage or cut construction paper into shapes. Macaroni to make a picture. Tear magazines up and glue ripped paper to construction paper to make a collage. Just a few...
momofsix 11:20 AM 08-25-2011
My 2-3 year olds love fingerpainting, Painting with different brushes (thin, large sponge brushes, q-tips...) chalk, colored pencils, markers. crayons, shaving cream w/ a little color, sponge painting, stamping, glue sticks, stickers...anything that lets them use their creativity! Sometimes it can get messy, but really it's never that bad
Stacy214 12:21 PM 08-25-2011
My kids love fingerpainting now! I have a water table set up directly outside my back door and first we paint then go out in the water and I squirt on the play foam soap... And we also paint with all sorts of things (favorites are the cars and cookie cutters)
mismatchedsocks 12:28 PM 08-25-2011
My 2 year olds love gluing. They each get a glue stick. I buy in stock those mini paper plates, we use them for alot. They glue things to them and make collages, or draw a face on and use for mothers day/fathers day.

We work with colored sand this summer. I have these sticky boards from craft store, then you peel off cover and anything sticks to it. the kids can make pictures with sand. Could do this with regular paper and glue too.

We use stampers and the kids love it. With the older kids this summer we made potato stampers, but with the little ones now we use regular stamps with stickers to make pictures.
kcnjason 03:06 PM 08-25-2011
Thanks for the ideas! Those are simple yet things that I didn't think of. Thanks!
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