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View Poll Results: What do you consider part time
less than 20 hrs week 4 20.00%
less than 25 hrs week 5 25.00%
less than 30 hrs week 4 20.00%
less than 3 days week 7 35.00%
Voters: 20. You may not vote on this poll
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Nickel 05:59 PM 07-30-2012
So, I was just thinking about my rate plan and had a question for you all

What do you consider part time per week

I have my rates set for less than 26 hours is part time care. But I was thinking and if someone worked part time they might work 25 hours per week and therefore need care 30 hrs per week. So would that be half day? Like 12-6pm is part time,but that is 30 hrs/week. So shoudl I change my rate plan? Or offer a tiered schedule? >25 is x amt and 26-30 is x amt and 31-45 x amt?

I know a lot of you don't take part timers, but I'm looking at those that do take pt. How do you charge?

thanks in advance
DCBlessings27 06:13 PM 07-30-2012
I don't have any current pt, but I don't really mess with the hours issue. I do consider anything over 4 hours as a full day. I have a pt rate for 2 days and a pt rate for 3 days. Anything over 3 days is charged ft rates for the week.

If schedules do vary, I take them case by case. I had one come from like 9-1 M-F, I charged the equivalent of my 3 day rate for that. I wouldn't be likely to do something similar in the future because a whole ft position was taken by that dcb. I was new though, and I took what I could get at the time.
Crazy8 03:21 PM 07-31-2012
I voted "less than 3 days a week" but really part time for me is less than 5 days a week. I have rates for 2, 3, 4 and 5 days a week. I don't go by hours.
Nickel 03:26 PM 07-31-2012
So what if a parent goes to school, im in a college town, and needs care from 730-12 five days a week and then another parent needs care from 12-530?. Is that part time? I was think five hours days are part tike but that doesnt allow for a commute. So im thinking of jut eliminating the number of hours and just using full.or.part time and then determine if they are ft or pt when they givr me their schedule. But i also see myseof being a softee and giving people the part time.rate if i dont have a written rule kwim?
Sorry for typos. On my phone
Blackcat31 03:30 PM 07-31-2012
I don't mess with hours only days.

less than 3 days a week is drop in
3 days is part time.
4 and 5 days is full time.
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