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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Raising Rates?
Soccermom 05:12 AM 10-05-2012
I am sure this has been talked about before but have you ever raised rates for new DCFs and kept existing DCFs rates the same? I want to raise my rates for all DCFs next year but for now would like to start out a new DCF at the rate I intend to start next fall.

I don't want to raise rates on my current DCFs right now because we agreed to this rate prior to school starting and I have already asked them to bring their own snacks. I also don't charge them on days they don't attend (Stupid, I know lol)

From now on, I would like to start DCFs out by paying a flat weekly rate and charging extra for morning care. 60$ for only After School care and 70$ for morning and after school care.

Is it fair to have several DCFs with the same needs at different rates? Or should I just start out any new DCFs at my current rate and raise rates next fall?