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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>I Just Love My Husband (Not Daycare Related)
Francine 09:14 AM 10-07-2010
I always love my husband but something this morning just made me laugh and to love him all the more.

My 16 year old DD went to school this morning, she was totally fine when she left the house BUT she hadn't eaten breakfast so an hour later she text me saying that she is going to pass out, she has a headache, she's going to throw up blah blah blah. I reply " you need to eat something, go to your locker and eat part of the bagel that you took to lunch" so we went back and forth ,back and forth. Finally I told her if she came home she would have to go next door to her grandparents because I am using her room and if she is that sick she can't be laying on the couch. I called my husband to go pick her up before she DIED, he got there to pick her up, took one look at her and saw that she wasn't pale, didn't have a fever etc. etc. and says " I don't think you need to go home, go eat the rest of your lunch and you will be fine" DD says " but Dad I'm going to pass out" with lots of drama I'm sure. To which my husband replys " well when you pass out I'm sure the school will call me, THEN I will come back and pick you up" LMAO I can just hear my DD spitting and sputtering all the way back in to school and then having to explain to the office why she wasn't going home after all. She will come home from school and act like nothing ever happened and NO she won't be sick.
Reply 09:21 AM 10-07-2010
rofl!!!!!! I love him too!!!! lol. that is so funny!
WImom 10:30 AM 10-07-2010
Love it! That is too funny!
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