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Live and Learn 06:13 PM 11-03-2010
I LOVE three and tolerate one.
I feel bad that I don't love dc kid like the rest.
My whiny screamer. Do you just "keep on keeping on" even though you don't honestly love the child or do you cut your losses and look for a replacement?
I have been doing this for several years now and can honestly say this is the first dck I have felt this way about....the family is no better in my book (whiny too), tries to abuse sick policy, tries to be late with payments unless I hold their hands and remind them....super hovering, lingering at pick up. I just feel bad that I don't truly love her and worry she can sense this and that it adds to her whiny screamy temperament. Maybe I am just laying a guilt trip on myself.
Just call me "tired and exasperated!"
SilverSabre25 06:24 PM 11-03-2010
I like, even love, most of my dcks. But there is one right now that I just cannot stand. I can't stand her (she's very screamy and screeches this awful animal sound if another child comes near her/touches her/has a toy she wants/etc) and I can't stand her parents, who recently messed around with their payment and their attendance schedule and manipulated it all around to where they're paying me MUCH less than they oughta be for the hours the girl is here. I'm terming her as soon as I get a replacement.
DCMomOf3 07:01 PM 11-03-2010
Do you think that if the parents were better you would love the child more? I have had a family in the past that I wonder that about.
Live and Learn 07:11 PM 11-03-2010
OOOOOO! Quincy good question. honestly I think my feelings about the parents probably make an already difficult situation worse....I am just being brutally honest here. I don't like the sound of a whiny screeching toddler and knowing the parents as well as I do I can see why the child is this way. The child already has a "certain special type" of personality and then add the parents in the mix....I don't know.....I think I will keep my options open and if a full timer comes along.....

I do feel guilty though for not bonding with her though.
BentleysBands 03:21 AM 11-04-2010
good question and i love the honesty!

i pretty much like all my parents but a few of the kids i tolerate....mainly screamer baby and biter/hitter boy i have..

hard to get close to a child who has/does behaviors that make your skin crawl
DancingQueen 04:14 AM 11-04-2010
I LOVE one of my parents
I LIKE the rest
I borderline HATE one of my dkdads but I LIKE the mom so I tolerate him.

The kids? I LOVE one of them so much that if they paid me enough to just have him I would LOL
The rest are all good kids and I like them and am learning to love them

the boy I termed I didn't like at all - liked his parents but could see their part in his behavior. I think it was unfair of me to watch him as long as I did considering how I felt about him - I think he should be cared for by someone that wanted to be around him and that absolutely was not me
AfterSchoolMom 05:15 AM 11-04-2010
I LOVE two of mine, but GREATLY DISLIKE the parent.

I LOVE another, but TOLERATE the parent.

I TOLERATE one child, but LOVE the parent.

It's funny how that works out, isn't it? I guess you can't have it all...
nannyde 06:26 AM 11-04-2010
Yes I love my day care kids very much. All of them.

My daycare parents work their way into my affections over time. The ones who commit to the day care and stay have a very special place in my heart. I respect them for their choice and appreciate it.

So my affection towards them is almost always proportional to their commitment to the day care. That's only shown when they pay and stay.
Crystal 06:28 AM 11-04-2010
I second what Nannyde said. I feel the same way.
Reply 06:32 AM 11-04-2010
I love 12 families,.. love one kid but, have no respect for his parents. Guess who is being termed when one of my love families baby turns 8 weeks? I am too personally involved in their lives to not love them. truly as part of our family,.. this is the lying, hiding, secretive mom who smells.
missnikki 06:35 AM 11-04-2010
Well said, Nannyde.
That being said, I wish I had the option to term families. I can't since I am part of a school, so there would be too much red tape.
There are 2 girls (age 13) that I absolutely cannot stand. Sad part- it's not just 'that age', their parents, sisters and extended family are all horrible examples of human beings. It's sad, really.
DanceMom 06:38 AM 11-04-2010
Hhmmm...I wouldnt say that I LOVE my dck's - my love is for my kids and family and close friends only. Do I like them..of course. I still show them a lot of "love" and affection even tho I dont truly love love them

The parents..not so much. Really like one of the moms..and one of the dads...all the others - not my style. I would never chose them as friends outside of this job. Except the one mom..I could totally hang out with her..she is down to earth, easy going relaxed. The other moms are very uptight about everything...but I do love that they are all here and have been for 3 yrs now and I appreciate them.
Unregistered 06:41 AM 11-04-2010
I love all my day care kids too. For me, it usually takes about a month of caring for them for this to happen. Even the one who is more of a handful than the rest eventually manages to steal my heart. If you care, feed, talk with them every single day, they almost become like your adopted children. Eventually, they can't help but grow on you... at least they do to me.
kidkair 07:01 AM 11-04-2010
I fall deeply in love with most of my kids very quickly. I love about 1/2 the parents and like the other 1/2. I know I love them because I think about them constantly and would be heart broken if any of them left. I have a hard time when one is out sick because I want to be there for them in their pain too. I also have a hard time when they are out for fun with their families cause I miss them and want to share their day with them.
Gurdy 07:03 AM 11-04-2010
I have a dcg that I actually like now, but I have had her since she was 6 weeks old and for most of that time I really did not like her at all. From the time that she was 3mo to the time that she potty trained she would have a minimum of 3 bm diapers a day, really nasty ones too! From the time she was 9mos, when put down for a nap she would always strip all of her clothes off and pee and poop all over, then play in it. I would check on her and she would be sound asleep, 10 min later I would go to check on her and she would be naked and covered in pee/poop. Her mom would tell me that at home, at night, she would do this 2 or 3 times every night. It was like she never actually slept- I had to keep her at my side from the moment she walked in my door to the moment she left for the day, or she would be naked and peeing all over something. When other parents would come to pick up their kids and I would be distracted helping them leave, she would strip down. Every chance she got, she would be naked! Since she has been potty trained- all of that stopped. This child made me question my ability to care for children. She made me feel like I was a horrible person, because I REALLY did not like her. How could someone dislike a baby??????? I cried every night about this child. I thought about terming, but decided I couldn't- she was my biggest challenge and now I actually really like her.
momofboys 07:26 AM 11-04-2010
I do like my current parents & kids. They are great! The kids are sweet & easy to care for & the parents are a dream to work with. That was not always the case. A former family I cared for I used to detest the parents. The mom was two-faced & talked all peachy-keen with me, it was so fake IMO. She'd be nice to my face but then be late for pick-up/I had to beg for my pay/complained about the amount she had to pay, etc. So I did not like dealing with them. It's such a relief to not have to deal with them now since I termed them last year.
Luna 07:31 AM 11-04-2010
I like all of my dcks and truly enjoy them as people, although one of them took some time to grow on me. I can barely tolerate his father, and there are times when I see dad's worst traits in the son. All in all, he's a very sweet kid. Other than that one guy, I like all of the parents too.
DCMom 08:02 AM 11-04-2010
I have 8 families, 12 kids and do like all of them. Some I truly love and would do just about anything for, others its a cordial business relationship. Could I rank them a scale of 1-10? You bet. Some families would always be near a 10 while others would consistently be closer to a 7, but no one would be below a 5

The more I think about it, if I truly didn't like a child or a parent I don't think I could have them in my house everyday.
Live and Learn 09:21 AM 11-04-2010
I honestly don't like having this child in my house everyday. I am doing so for the income. I feel extremely guilty for keeping the child on just for monetary reasons.
mrs.meg 09:57 AM 11-04-2010
I love this post, makes me feel better that there are a few I do not enjoy as much.

I like all of the parents and kids that I have. One family, the parents are basically in their 20s but to me are just like teenagers. Sometimes they get on my nerves, but I like them okay. This family plus one other family allow the children to tell them what to do and run the household. It makes it hard to always enjoy kids when they are used to being the center of the universe and are not being taught that everything is not always about them. They also do not teach manners in any way, shape or form, that is left up to me, entirely. Despite the fact that these 3 out of 4 of these kids are spoiled brats, I do like them, and like someone else said, I am learning to love them. The one girl, is a doll and I love her to pieces.

The 3rd family is different, their boy is good and made to respect others and uses manners. I love watching him but he only comes PT.
busymomof2 12:45 PM 11-04-2010
I really enjoy my dc kids (can't say I love them) but I do care and worry for them. Parents are cool too. However, there is one dcg that gets on my nerve because she whines and whines and throws tantrums (4 years old) I mean literally on the floor kicking tantrums, she hogs toys, doesn't share and cries when she doesn't get her way.. The other kids are picking up her bad habits. Her BD makes my skin crawl and bm was nice until she blurred the boundries by showing me a naked photo of her before her tummy tuck. I know I know I should never had commented that she was doing good. The one dcg I did not like I term because she was hitting my 9month old son. Didn't care for bm either because she was always late pick up and paid late...never saw dad. Glad she is gone!!!
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