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Daycare Insurance>Disability insurance?
jfoglia 07:12 PM 12-07-2010
Hi - new on here. I've been running a daycare for 7 years now. I was wondering if any of you have any sort of disability insurance for yourself? My husbands work does not have any coverage for spouses. I've just been wondering what would happen if I got critically sick, needed surgery, or was in a bad accident. My income would be GONE! Scary. So far no one had been able to give me any helpful info. Thanks for any help you can give!
DancingQueen 05:53 AM 12-08-2010
I have no clue - but I'll be listening closely.
Blackcat31 07:54 AM 12-08-2010
I have both sickness and accident insurance through Combined. It is can put sickness on your own kids too! It is sort of like AFLAC.
Last week my DH broke his hand (very minor) but still a trip to E.R. and a few weeks of being careful and in the end we ended up getting a check for over $1500! Last year I broke a $100 for the dentist visit and $750 for the broken tooth. My DH is diabetic and has to have labs done every 3-6 months. Combined pays him $50 every time he has blood drawn. It pays anyone on policy $50 but for the rest of us we only have physicals once per year. I can't say enough good things about combined....I love it!! My monthly premiums are like $40 for our family (4 of us) for sickness and like $30 per month for accident insurance per person. I don't know if it is available in every state and I don't know how helpful the web-site is so my suggestion would be to call a representative and talk with them. There are no requirements for physicals DH is covered and has diabetes so I know it is available to people with pre-existing conditions.
TomCopeland 02:07 PM 12-08-2010
There's a difference between disability income insurance and sickness/accident insurance.

Disability income insurance replaces some of your income if you become disabled and cannot work. It protects you against major illnesses such as cancer, stroke, heart attacks, etc. that prevent you from working for long periods of time. It doesn't pay for medical expenses. In general, I recommend that providers get long-term disability income insurance because the cost is lower than short-term insurance and insurance is best for protection against larger, long term risks.

Sickness/accident insurance covers medical bills but not loss of income.

Your biggest financial asset is your ability to earn money. Losing that ability can be a major disaster, so I recommend that providers take a look at long-term disability income insurance. Contact your business liability insurance agent for more information.

I wrote about all aspects of insurance in my book Family Child Care Legal and Insurance Guide (
2lilmonkeys 03:07 AM 01-31-2011
The disability insurance insures the policyholder's when he or she can no longer work due to disability.

However, the most popular and most sought after insurance today is the LTCi. It is an expensive form of insurance that insures a person over extended period for his/her care due to old age or disability. The long term care policies can be designed to fit your budget and needs.
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