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AnythingsPossible 01:19 PM 01-21-2011
Is it necessary to provide parent's with a W10? I never have. I give them a statement at the end of the year with what they paid, and the information they need for their taxes, my name/address/tax # What is the point of the W10, considering there is no place on there for the amount they paid for service?
lvt77 01:28 PM 01-21-2011
do you use MMK?
AnythingsPossible 02:28 PM 01-21-2011
Nope, I don't use MMK. I have all my statements ready to give to parents, just wondering what the deal is the W10, and why it's used.
kendallina 04:47 PM 01-21-2011
From my understanding you are not required to give it to the parents unless they give it to you and ask you to complete it. For parents that claim the child care tax credit it says that they need the w 10 form to keep for their records, but doesn't require them to submit it or anything.
lvt77 05:04 PM 01-21-2011
correct, you dont have to supply them but it is a nice thing to do if you desire to.

There is a place to input the total at the top left corner. It shoulld say Total Payments 2010: very top line....
safechner 08:02 AM 01-28-2011
I decided that I will be using W-10 to give the parents today. Normally, I give the statements to my parents but I thought maybe W10 is safe to keep their records. Do you think I should give the statement with my address and total payments in 2010 along w 10?
TomCopeland 08:05 AM 01-28-2011
Giving out Form W-10 is a good idea. As others have said, you can put the amount of child care payment at the top of the form. MM has this already pre-printed for easy use. You can create a receipt yourself and put your ID# on it instead of using the W-10. Either way will work for the parent.
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