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Unregistered 10:12 AM 11-27-2012
I am registered, but I don't have my log in info with me. Does anyone have a bird in their childcare? I am considering getting a cockatiel for the kids, but am not sure. What are the pro and cons about getting one for the kids?
mom2many 10:22 AM 11-27-2012
We had one for several years and the kids enjoyed watching it & I never had any issues.
Lilbutterflie 11:07 AM 11-27-2012
I have an Eclectus parrot. Having a bird in daycare is not a decision to take lightly. There are pros and cons; and a lot of things to think about! A cockatiel would be a little easier than a larger parrot like mine; but even still here is a list of things to think about from a bird owner/daycare provider's perspective:

1- Birds generally are not great pets with kids. They are skiddish, easily frightened, and they could easily bite any little fingers that come their way. When we first got our parrot; I kept a superyard baby gate all the way around his cage so the kids had zero access to his cage. Now, they all know the rules and stay away and the gate is not necessary. I am always keeping a watchful eye; even though our parrot is super friendly and has never even attempted to bite any little fingers. But you just never know!

2- Birds are messy little creatures. They generally fling their food everywhere, and even those guard rail things don't catch most of it. Then there's the poop that needs to be cleaned out daily or every other day.

3- Birds are noisy little creatures. Even a cockatiel can shriek pretty loud. Especially when there is a room full of noisy children; the bird will come back with an equal volume level to the children. Then during naptime, sometimes they will call to get your attention because all of the kiddos are sleeping and they know they can have you all to themselves.

4- Birds are social little creatures. Those that are properly socialized with humans need a lot of love and affection; and when you have a house full of children that need the same thing it is a difficult balance!! The bird is not always going to want affection from the kids (often they just tolerate the kids); they want YOU to pay attention to them and they don't care that you have a million other things going on!!

4- That said, the right bird with the right social skills and training could be a great addition to a daycare home. Our parrot allows the children to pet him, he talks, he does tricks, he dances when we dance to music; and he rides on the shoulders of my own children (I don't allow him to ride on the shoulders of any other kids). The children absolutely love him.
Willow 11:38 AM 11-27-2012
I am all for having pets in the home and occasionally having mine interact with my daycare kiddos, but in general I don't believe any animal should be brought in or around "for" the kids.
Thetotspot 12:07 PM 11-27-2012
There are pros and cons to every animal in a child care situation. The dust created by birds and their excrement can cause a very bad pneumonia. This usually is very rare and more often than not the people who will get pneumonia from them are immune compromised individuals. So if you do decide on a bird...cleanliness (as with any animal) is key. I also agree with pp. Animals have pros and cons in childcare situations, but bringing an animal in solely for the children isnt necessarily a great idea. They may become bored. So please make sure you have room in your heart to keep whichever animal you choose so as to avoid an animal that needs a new home quickly. :-(
laundrymom 12:07 PM 11-27-2012
In Indiana you are limited on the breed of bird you can have.
Michelle 01:11 PM 11-27-2012
I have a beautiful cockatiel and he loves to sing and talk very loud during nap time!
itlw8 01:19 PM 11-27-2012
In Missouri per regulations we may not have birds or turtles
Michelle 01:29 PM 11-27-2012
I think daycares should have some sort of pet, it teaches kids responsibility if they get to help feed them. They may not be able to have a pet at home and get to experience love, compassion, and care at daycare.

Fish is a good pet in a daycare, the kids can take turns feeding them.
Willow 01:42 PM 11-27-2012
A fish is probably the only animal I'd allow kids to help feed!
MarinaVanessa 01:44 PM 11-27-2012
Originally Posted by Michelle:

Fish is a good pet in a daycare, the kids can take turns feeding them.
Yes fish are a great daycare pet because the kids pretty much know thet they aren't to be touched but they can help care for them like feed them, clean the tank, observe them etc.

Cockatiels, as Michelle has stated, can deffinetely get loud. They can be anywhere from cheerfull quick squawks to repetitive screeching squawking. And yes birds tend to be very messy. Their food and seed casks end up everywhere. You can always get mesh netting and put it around the lower half of the cockatiels cage to minimize the mess and maybe hang the cage on a covered patio, garage, rear bathroom or spare room during nap time if it gets too cold to leave it outside in the winter.

Parakeets are also good but you should get them in pairs and yes they are just as equally messy and can be loud as well. If you want a quiet bird and the pet will only be left to be observed (as in you don't want to train it to be friendly enough to be tamed) then you can get a canary. They're a little more pricey but also beautiful and if you're lucky and get a male you may get a great singer (you'll still have to remove it from the room during nap). Their songs are very nice. If you want cheap and quiet you can get a pair of finches. They're super super quiet but delicate and frighten easily so you deffinetely want to keep them away from little fingers.
Bugsworthy 02:41 PM 11-27-2012
Thanks for all the input! I think we will stick to the fish for now. My friend was giving away her cockatiel, but I don't think I am ready for it!
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