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mountainside13 06:03 PM 03-19-2014
As most of you know we will be closing on our house shortly! I have contacted 3 different companies for homeowners insurance but since I run an income daycare I keep getting declined insurance! I told them that I have separate daycare insurance but that doesn't make a difference to them. I don't want to keep calling insurance companies and having the do a soft pull if they can't help me. I have asked before if they accept In home providers but they say they can't tell me until they have all my information. Who do you use for homeowners insurance?
jenboo 06:28 PM 03-19-2014
Mortgage insurance? Like PMI? or homeowners? When we bought our house, we didn't pick a mortgage insurance just came with the loan i guess haha.
itlw8 06:40 PM 03-19-2014
PMI came with our loan If you mean homeowners ins try State Farm they cover people with family childcares and even do childcare ins.
sahm1225 08:23 PM 03-19-2014
We have Allstate.
MyAngels 05:32 AM 03-20-2014
We have state farm.
CraftyMom 05:43 AM 03-20-2014
Probably a silly question, but what about your current insurance company? Or maybe you're currently renting?
mountainside13 05:51 AM 03-20-2014
I did it again! Homeowners insurance!! Can an mod correct the title for me? I keep calling it mortgage insurance, yes I do mean homeowners insurance, which could be why I wasn't getting correct results. Feeling really dumb!

We are currently renting.
melilley 05:58 AM 03-20-2014
We have All state as well. They offer liability for your dc as long as you have homeowners insurance through them.
CraftyMom 06:09 AM 03-20-2014
When I opened my daycare our home owner's insurance dropped us, even if I found a different company for daycare insurance, they wouldn't cover us if there was a daycare in the home.

I called MANY other companies and this seemed to be the case everywhere I looked. I did an online search and found a few companies specific to my state that allowed a home daycare. I don't remember now what I searched exactly but it was something like "home daycare insurance in MA".

I was also referred to AllState and State Farm but they did not provide coverage in MA at the time.

We ended up with MA Underwriters.
CraftyMom 06:16 AM 03-20-2014
Try here:

It's one of those searches where you enter what you are looking for and several companies that match will call you.
jenboo 06:38 AM 03-20-2014
I have american family insurance. You can add into your regular policy for the daycare or get a much better separate daycare policy through them.
Blackcat31 06:38 AM 03-20-2014
NAFCC (National Association for Family Child Care) Insurance Directory

Insurance Companies A-L

Insurance Companies M-Z
mountainside13 06:53 AM 03-20-2014
Thank you so much for all the help!

Thank you Blackcat for fixing my silly mistake!
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