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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Where is Everyone? 02:31 AM 12-02-2009
so is the forum broke, everyone busy, or everyone just having perfect days?

here we are finalizing Christmas plans. getting everything in order for the holidays. I had everyone enrolled come yesterday. I had the best day. No one really argued and everyone listened. That right there is my Christmas gift. So speak up everyone!

tymaboy 04:51 AM 12-02-2009
Been busy here. Had a new baby start (she's about 10 weeks) I've also been baking a lot for the churches bake sale. My freezers are full & now I have to decorate everything. That will be done this coming weekend. I also have to finish Christmas shopping. I have to get 2 more gifts for the DC kids, some stocking stuffers for my family & figure out what "big" gift to get DS.
seashell 05:43 AM 12-02-2009
I havent been able go get on the past few days. I kept getting the message that my IP had been blocked. I wrote to Michael and he fixed it. Maybe there are more having the same problem?
kitkat 08:12 PM 12-02-2009
Things have a bit crazy for me. DS was moved up to Kindergarten. His first day was Monday, so I've been dealing with that. Now I'm trying to figure out a new daily routine for the kids around walking DS to & from school and moving nap time up earlier. I'm almost done with Christmas shopping and just have to wrap presents. I'm so much farther ahead than I was last year at this time and it feels good to not feel like I'm rushing.
Former Teacher 02:44 PM 12-05-2009
Oh I have been here! Just waiting for everyone else!

I do have a VERY silly question. I noticed sometimes I see the initials DH, DD, DS etc..what does that mean?

I know DC means day care obviously, but I can't figure out the others haha.

melissa ann 03:24 PM 12-05-2009
DH=dear hubby
DD=dear daughter
DS=dear son

Sometimes, I have no idea what someone is saying when they use letters. It took me a long time to decode what IMO meant. (in my opinion, by the way)
Former Teacher 04:14 PM 12-05-2009
Thanks so much Melissa!
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