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mamamanda 12:17 PM 04-19-2018
Infant is 8 mo & very inconsistent with daily routine. She comes M-F 6:30-4:30. Mom says she doesn't sleep well at home. Sometimes sleeps all night w/2 quick feedings, sometimes up every 45min to an hour all night long. I typically lay her down at 7:00. She's always been fed & isn't hungry. She may or may not fall asleep. And if she does fall asleep it may be anywhere from a 20min-3 hr nap. She wakes crying always. I change her, feed her a bottle. Rarely does she eat more than 2 oz at one time. Put her down to play. Within about 15 min she's crying, rubbing eyes again, irritable. She's much happier outside but always fusses inside.

I alternate attempting to feed & lay her down off & on the rest of the day. She cries in bed for 20 min at a time. Rarely actually sleeps. When she does I have no way to anticipate length. And it's like I'm begging her to eat all day long. Offering bottle only for her to sip an oz or so & refuse again. When she does get hungry it is immediate & she screams. She is breastfed so it takes me a few minutes to heat the milk each time.

I desperately want to put her on a schedule so I can anticipate when to heat a bottle & when to lay her down each day. I just don't even know where to begin though. She's not a go with the flow kind of kid at all. If I were to start from scratch, how do I implement an infant schedule?
Tin Blues 02:19 PM 04-19-2018
The first thing I do on day one with a new infant is put them on a schedule. Sit down and figure out your current schedule. What is set in stone? Then take a look at how frequent bottle feedings need to be done. At 8 months, sheís past needing 3 naps a day. Morning nap can be anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. Say from 8:30 to 10:15. Which might mean a bottle at between 7 to 8 am. Depends on whether you have eat, play, sleep schedule. Afternoon nap is 2 hours, 1 to 3 p.m.

Parents are always nervous about a schedule. Iíve had parents express trepidation only to admit later on how fabulous things are post schedule. Truthfully, babies thrive. Newborns are a little tricky, you have to be much more flexible to meet their needs. But by 5 months, most babies have it figured out and things are running smooth.
Jdy2222 05:13 PM 04-19-2018
At 8 months a schedule is reasonable. My littles nap at 9:30 and 2:30 or 3:00. Considering the time this one is with you I might do 8:30 and 1:30, if that works with any other kids you're caring for. To implement ... just do it. Create a routine and communicate that nap time is coming - I do bottle around 9/2, play for 20 minutes, diaper change, "time for a little nap", off to bed.
Ariana 10:38 AM 04-20-2018
I would push her morning nap until 8-8:30am and then regular afternoon nap with the rest of the kids. My guess is she is waking at night because she is spending 10 hours a day in care and is not getting enough parent time. 10 hours is very hard on kids under 2. What time is she being put to bed at night?
mamamanda 12:38 PM 04-20-2018
Originally Posted by Ariana:
I would push her morning nap until 8-8:30am and then regular afternoon nap with the rest of the kids. My guess is she is waking at night because she is spending 10 hours a day in care and is not getting enough parent time. 10 hours is very hard on kids under 2. What time is she being put to bed at night?
She goes to bed between 7:30 & 8. That would make sense actually if she's wanting mommy & me time.

Mom just told me today that at home she is typically awake for about 3-4 hours before napping & then takes a 3 hour nap. So today I waited to put her down until 9:30 & she went right to sleep & slept for 4 hours!!! That does not seem normal to me, but it did make for a nice calm day.

Next week I'm going to really work at following a schedule. Thanks to all for sharing advice. I am taking all comments into consideration while trying to determine the best routine for our day.
jenboo 11:20 AM 04-22-2018
Decide what nap times you think would work best for you and her and stick with it.
All my infants were in bed from 9-11am and 1-3pm. It didnt matter if they slept or not. They went in their bed at 9am and i got them out at 11am. The only time i was flexible is that if they were still asleep at 3, i would let them sleep longer.

After a, month or so they call caught on. I did have one infant who didn't really nap but she rested in her bed during those times anyway.
Luvnmykidz 02:55 PM 04-22-2018
If she is only taking an Oz or so from the bottle Iím wondering if she is completely bottle trained. I recently had an infant that wasnít completely bottle trained and was only given bottles with me, mom nursed the entire time she was home and so it made for very interesting days at Daycare to say the least. Also because that child was nursed to sleep and did comfort nursing at home it was really hard to get her in a schedule at the daycare.
Jamie 04:20 AM 04-23-2018
She is exhausted and frustrated because the adults in her life are expecting her to lead the way and show you what she needs, and she cannot do that because she is a baby and hasn't yet developed the ability to foresee what action will benefit her in the future.

You, as the adult, know that she will need to sleep and eat at these times and this much and this long etc., so she will have time and energy to play happily.

You have her for many hours M-F, which should make it fairly easy for you to implement a schedule for her while she is at daycare. What mom does at home makes no difference; if you are consistent and predictable, she will adjust quickly to your way of doing things.

Be honest with mom: "I will now start putting your daughter on a schedule". No nonsense, no negotiating.

Determine the schedule you want for her, and follow it, consistently, until she gets it. She will likely protest, but that is because she doesn't know what is going on. You know. You are the adult, and you are doing what is best for her. She will likely cry and/or scream. That is her way of asking "What is going on?? Is this okay??" You will carry on with her schedule as planned, regardless of her cries. That is your way of answering "I am in control. This is okay."
She WILL get it.
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