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Mom2Two 03:58 PM 02-20-2019
Please everyone read my sick policies over again. We have more than one serious/potentially serious illness in circulation right now here.

Violations of sick policy do involve fees and significant or repeated violations may result in termination of care.

It is the responsibility of parents to obtain proper diagnoses. The sick policies apply to everyone equally.

*** Children need to not be contagious, be well enough to play properly, not be too much work, and generally "be themselves" to be in attendance.

Okay, rant over. lol

Cat Herder 04:19 PM 02-20-2019
This helps if you have a daycare FB page.
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Mom2Two 04:29 PM 02-20-2019

I don't have a facebook page anymore, but I do like the cartoon.
Hunni Bee 12:00 PM 02-21-2019
Originally Posted by Mom2Two:

I don't have a facebook page anymore, but I do like the cartoon.
At my old center, we printed that graphic off and distributed with our parent packet. I would hand it out and tell them to hang it on their fridge
Mom2Two 12:58 PM 02-21-2019

AmyKidsCo 01:27 PM 02-21-2019
Rather than ask parents to read the policies again I'd go over the highlights as a reminder. Maybe print the cartoon at the bottom, and tape the whole thing to a box of tissues for fun.
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