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E Daycare 11:43 AM 03-29-2011
Does anyone have a "you've been warned and have 2 more strikes before youre out" form they'd like to share with me? I looked online at the daycarelady and she didnt have anything and where I know I can word one myself I was wondering if someone had a general one.

Today my dcg didnt come till 10:30 after repeatedly trying to get a hold of dcm twice via phone call and twice via text. Finally I left my home to do my errands where dcm then called me back at 10 asking if dcg had arrived yet. I told her no and if she did while I was gone I have no clue. Yesterday dcd told me in front of dcm that he would be here at 7:30 to drop dcg off. She is my only dck today and I got up at 7 waiting for her. When he dropped her off he told me he "slept in" and thought she would be with him all day. How you sleep in with a 15mo old is beyond me. Hes used this excuse countless times. As you know this is not the first time this has happened and Im actively looking for new clients but until this can/will happen I need to obviously be more firm. I know this shouldve never been allowed to continue in the first place but its been very difficult for me to replace them.

Apparently the new fee Ive implemented for showing up late or early regardless if its too late in the am or pm and vice versa has no effect. Today they will owe $77. I also need to give them a warning note I think. If I could this would be cause for termination asap but thats not feasible right now. In my contract I state that they get two warnings and the 3rd gets the ax.

Now if they do shape up (ahahahahahahahahahahah like thatll happen) I still want to term them, will it be bad if I do term them before their next two notes? My contract also states I can term at will effective immediately or give a two weeks notice. So when I can replace them I will give them their notice. I just dont want to sound all up and down if I give them a notice now and then term them before their 3rd notice goes out. Then they can be like "well I thought Id need two more notices". If that happens then Ill highlight my at will portion of my contract and tell them "just cant risk it".

Plus I have months upon months of logged information in her notebook about all the issues Ive had. This incident today though, that pushed me over.
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