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Dawn 02:03 PM 03-14-2008
Help, We have had our first major issue happen at our daycare. We have always tried to strive to provide the best care possible for all our children. However, relying on staff at times can be a big problem. We have always had great licensure visits and fairly few problems at my center. But yesterday we had a child that went to the bathroom, in a room with a teacher that was still inside. The child then did not come back out of the building the same why she was sent. She went into a room that was empty and out the front door. Her teacher that was on the playground seen her out front of the building at the end of our handicap ramp. She immediately ran after her, the child laughed and ran back up the ramp and into the buuilding. I immediately called the child's mother to let her know what had happened, she said everything was fine. But of course she called licensure and we had the visit today along with a social services. What can I expect??? I've never had anything like this happen before.
Tags:center workers, child safety, complaints, cps, employee issues, supervision - inadequate
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