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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Substitute Provider Form & Contract to Share?
kdparadise 11:04 AM 07-22-2010
I am interviewing a few tomorrow for a substitute provider position. I am looking for any forms and contracts available that you all might have for this. My business is licensed, but I am only a registered daycare, but plan on following licensing's requirements to keep information and a folder on the subsitutes. I will try to have 3 potential on hand I can call and start calling to see who jumps the fastest. I will want a sub about once a month for 1/2 or a full day. If you don't have any forms for substitutes to share a form and contract for an Assistant would maybe do and I can modify it.
tymaboy 12:24 PM 07-22-2010
I dont have any but when I 1st started out looking for forms I did a google search. Daycare lady came up & it has a lot of different forms. Check it out maybe it has something there for you.
kdparadise 06:05 PM 07-22-2010
I had googled and looked on other sites and was about to spend time doing my own, but alas --- > thank you! I found a form or 2! [/u]
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