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thatdivalady 07:13 PM 05-10-2012
Does anyone have a form that they use for the work schedules of parents? I am trying to nip a potential problem. I have a parent who keeps dropping off and picking up their child at different times (obviously not during the contracted hours). If anyone would like to share their form that would be great!
dEHmom 07:51 AM 05-11-2012
Sorry I am not at my regular computer to attach the form, but I just have a basic form that parents fill out. If they have alternating shifts there is multiple spaces and they are number 1, 2, 3 etc. It basically just states "Please fill this out to be kept in your file. This is your scheduled pick up and drop off times. Any times you will require outside of these timeframes will be an additional fee or considered overtime. Should you require a change to this schedule, please let me know, and we can adjust as necessary.

#1 is their regular pickup drop off schedule ex. 7am-3pm
#2 is alternate maybe 9am-5pm

If it's all over the place, I give them a blank calendar, and they fill in 1 2 3 4 etc, or just write their hours straight in.

I had an awesome family who had a varying schedule, most days dad picked up at 4, but when he was working later, mom picked up at 530 and dad dropped off at 9am. They were awesome at first letting me know in advance which days he was on late shift, and occassionally they had where he was working overtime and would ask if they could have additional days (for an additional fee). Towards the end of being here, I was getting really annoyed because they'd tell me that day or the day before. I knew they couldn't help it, but it was annoying never knowing if my day was ending at 430 or 530.

Set it clear in stone NOW what your expectations are....3 days notice, 1 weeks notice, etc or schedule changes. If you close at 5pm, advise them your door closes at 5pm! if they are late, it'll be $X per XX mins.
thatdivalady 04:26 PM 05-11-2012
Thank you much!
momma2girls 04:33 PM 05-11-2012
I have every family's pick up and drop off times on each contract. Ex. 7:30-4:30- that is my 9 hr. limit.
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