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DaycareProvider 02:36 PM 05-31-2012
I'm sure it's been asked before, but do you use a seperate form for the occasional drop-ins? Or do you use the same contract/payment agreement/set hour form?

I have an occasional drop in, but she drops her kid off whenever she feels like it so it almsot always interrupts something we've got going on.
Michael 03:34 PM 05-31-2012
One here:
MarinaVanessa 03:37 PM 05-31-2012
All of my drop-in clients are all on drop-in contracts. It's very similar to my regular full and part-time contract but there are differences in the way that scheduling and payments are handled. Where FT and PT clients pay their fee weekly (in advance) and their schedules are set, my drop-in clients get more flexibility with their schedules but their spot is not guaranteed (they also pay in advance).

My drop-in clients must first contact me to make sure that I have space available and make a reservation. If I have the room and they are asking for childcare with a few days in advance then they must pay for it the same day that they request it, otherwise I do not hold the spot for them. My drop-in works on a first-pay-first-serve basis so even though one client requests childcare a week in advance another client can take this spot even if they requested it after the first family if the first family has not yet paid. A family can always call or text me the same day that they are needing childcare however I may not have the availability. This is often the case for me so most of my drop-in clients schedule and pay for their space at least a week in advance.

In any case the client must first ask me if I am available and request the times that they need me. They must adhere to the time that they requested and pay for it in full no later than drop-off, even if the child doesn't attend for the entire time that they requested. No pay, no stay. If they arrive later than their drop-off that they requested then the same pick up time still applies and there is no reduction to the rate for the time that they lost. If they arrive early to pick-up there is also no refund for the time that they don't use.

At no time can a drop-in client simply show up unnanounced to drop their child off. They must first request a spot from me and it must be approved by me first. Also my drop-in clients are also given a copy of my policy handbook and they must follow the same policies as any of my other DCF's.

Here is a copy of my Drop-in Contract to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.
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