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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>do you charge by the day or hours child is there?
WImom 11:14 AM 08-12-2011
Right now my rates are by the day - 3 days is this much, 4 days, etc
I've been thinking about changing it to hours. Those of you that do hourly how do you split it up for each price break?

added: Families would still be on scheduled hours like they are now. But if one family is scheduled 45 hours 5 days a week and one family is scheduled 35 hours 5 days a week they wouldn't have the same weekly rate like they do now.
wdmmom 11:23 AM 08-12-2011
I charge a daily rate but it is based on departure time. The later the departure time, the higher the rate.

I also do a part time rate. Part time must be a minimum of 2 full days per week or 4 half days per week. 16-25 hours. I charge a minimum of $100 a week.
Crazy8 11:32 AM 08-12-2011
my rate is weekly, but its based on daily rates depending on the number of days contracted (3 days a week is more per day than 5 days a week is).

I will not get into hourly rates - too much of a pain for me. I don't want to have to argue over 15 minutes, etc. Parents pay in advance too, something that would be harder if they paid by the hour.
Cat Herder 11:39 AM 08-12-2011
I like simple..

Having too many options requires too much bargaining, begging, haggling and enforcing policies with parents.

I offer six full-time slots with only one weekly rate, due in advance.

Life is good.
MarinaVanessa 11:48 AM 08-12-2011
I do flat weekly rates. FT is 30-50 hours a week and PT is 29 hours and under, with contract, spot guaranteed. I do drop-ins for people that I know, siblings of clients and for old clients.
mom2many 11:51 AM 08-12-2011
I have a drop in hourly rate which is about double, what I normally make per hour for a child in my care, so it makes it worth my while.

I have some families needing just 1/2 day (4 hrs or less) and I charge them 1/2 of what my regular daily rate is.

I also have some families that come 2 days and some that come 3 days, but do not require any minimum. They pay for whatever days they need. It's consistently the same and if a child is sick or on vacation, they still pay me for their spot.
WImom 11:54 AM 08-12-2011
You know Cathedar - I've been thinking of going only full time (4-5 days a week is the same rate). Everyone here right now is 4-5 days but one family - they are 2. It would be so much easier. You got me thinking
daycare 12:01 PM 08-12-2011
full time only... I do have two children part time, but together make up a full time spot. The girl I have has been part time with me since birth and I know I will have her until kindy, so that spot will always be part time for her until she leaves. I actually make more money off of my part timers becuase there is no way for sure of knowing that I will be able to fill the other days that they are not in attendance. Lucky for me I have been able to fill them.

I agree with cat.... keep it simple!!

the only way that I would do hourly again, is if I had a computer system that automatically calculated the hours and money owed....Until then never again...
Cat Herder 12:11 PM 08-12-2011
Originally Posted by WImom:
You know Cathedar - I've been thinking of going only full time (4-5 days a week is the same rate). Everyone here right now is 4-5 days but one family - they are 2. It would be so much easier. You got me thinking
I can't tell you how life changing it was.

The kids are happier with the consistency, the parents are happier with clear expectations...all of which makes me happier.

No more transitioning nightmares, trying to remember "what do I owe you this week?", worrying about someone mixing up days causing you to risk being over ratio and nobody asks for dicounts or exceptions, anymore.

It was the best business choice I ever made, really.
cheerfuldom 01:17 PM 08-12-2011
I charge by the day and only take families that can work within my hours. My earliest drop off is at 7:30 and the last pickup at 5:30. Hourly sounds like a headache.
littlemommy 01:25 PM 08-12-2011
I charge hourly. It is the norm in my town, even for centers. I do charge weekly for one family, who has a very early drop off. I don't mind charging hourly, I know I am getting covered if the kids stay longer than usual. If they are dropped off later, I still charge from their normal, contracted hours. If they are picked up early, same thing.
e.j. 04:40 PM 08-12-2011
I charge hourly but each family is contracted for certain hours, depending on their needs. Whether they are here or not, they pay for their contracted hours so I don't lose money if they drop off late or pick up early. If they need additional hours, they pay for those in addition to their contracted hours.
KEG123 05:04 PM 08-12-2011
I charge weekly.
SandeeAR 05:52 PM 08-12-2011
I charge $25 per day, FT, 4/5 days a week.
I charge $30 per day, PT, 3 day minimum.

You don't attend, you pay. I close, you don't pay.

I do drop in only for friends of clients, or friends of mine. Only if space is available. Drop in rate is $30 per day.
GretasLittleFriends 09:41 PM 08-12-2011
I used to be open 24/7. I've dropped basically down to 24/5 with the exception of a few existing clients. I charge hourly. I charge the same hourly rate whether the child is 4mo or 4 years, 8 months or 8 years. It's just easier. As far as the minutes thing goes, I round down to the lower 15 minute increment at drop off and up to the next 15 minute increment at pick up. If child is dropped off at 8:35 and picked up at 3:10, he is clocked at 8:30 and 3:15.

Figuring the quarter hours isn't too challenging. I use a calculator. I also have it in my contract that I round to the nearest quarter. So, if I have a day that adds to $13.875, it's $14. I've been doing it this way for 2.5 years.

Not sure what the norm is in my area for other providers' pay, whether its hourly, daily or weekly. This works for me.

Also, parents don't pay if the child isn't here, as long as I have 24 hour notice that they won't be here. I have had a few that have the mentality "well, I'm paying for it, might as well use it." This is also part of the reason I do hourly pay.
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