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My4SunshineGirlsNY 06:16 AM 04-02-2012
I reopened my daycare Feb. 20th, it's been 6 weeks with advertising and I have not had ONE call...I do have 2 daycare kids currently which is the entire reason I reopened my daycare, but I was really hoping to have at least one more by now to make up for the income I was making when working out of the home.

We live in a smaller town, but still I would think someone would of at least called to inquire. Just a little discouraged about it. I just hope I can get a call soon, I really could use the income.

How long does it take you to get a call? Just curious how it varies from area to area.
permanentvacation 06:39 AM 04-02-2012
Here in Middle River, Maryland (about 1/2 hour away from Baltimore), it ranges from getting slammed with calls immediately to going for weeks with no calls at all. The last year or so, I assume due to the economy, I've gotten less calls than last year. I can place an ad and get anywhere from no calls at all to maybe 5/6 calls per week. I place ads almost daily on Craigslist and I have my business cards in different businesses in the area. Of those calls, most of them are not good inquires at all. They will want care for children's ages that I don't watch or for weird hours, or they will have no vehicle and no way of getting here - why are they calling at all then!?!- Lately I find myself getting off the phone with a parent or closing the door after an interview and asking myself, "REALLY, ARE THEY SERIOUS!!!" So I might get a decent potential client once every 3 months or so! I actually just posted a thread about giving up on interviewing for a while because I've had such horrible interviews and new clients lately!

But every area is different. If you don't think you are getting enough response from your advertisements, you might need to advertise differently than you are.

Some ideas for advertising are:

Set out daycare business cards at local companies, restaurants, etc. after asking for permission of course. If they won't let you set the cards out for the public, ask if they can put the cards in the company's break room for their employees

You could go door to door soliting people - time consuming, but an idea

Place an ad on your car - either signs that you put on your car or have lettering on your back windshield

Get in the phone book

Place ads on Google and Yahoo, and other websites

Place ads in the local newspaper and Pennysaver

Word of mouth - Tell EVERYONE that you do daycare and have spaces available

Go shopping - even when you aren't going to buy anything. Go to the baby and children's toy section, wait for someone to come around you and then pick up an item and kind of say to yourself outloud something about your daycare kids would love this item. The person shopping next to you might inquire about your daycare then give them a business card and tell them a little about your childcare.

Go to the local playground/park and hand out daycare cards.

Sounds like you and I are pretty much in the same boat right now. You are not getting any calls, and the calls I am getting are useless! Hopefully you and I will get kids soon!
MizzCheryl 09:58 AM 04-02-2012
In my town this a really bad time of year to get new clients. I will have calls when summer comes or school starts back but right now I haven't had any calls since before christmas.
EntropyControlSpecialist 10:29 AM 04-02-2012
Do you have a professional looking website that contains detailed information and nice photos?
CheekyChick 10:42 AM 04-02-2012
When I first started it took me FOREVER to get my third child (I got two rather quickly). I tried fliers, magnets that I placed all over town, fliers on businesses with corkboards, fliers around my neighborhood, etc. It was a TOTAL bust. I am now in the yellow pages and I can't say I've ever received a call from that either.

The BEST way (for me) has been Craigslist and word-of-mouth. Do you have a Craislist ad? If so, you should send it to me and maybe I can help you change it up a bit? It took me a long time to refine mine to where it stands out from the rest.
My4SunshineGirlsNY 02:37 PM 04-02-2012
Thanks ladies for the helpful advice. I have ordered supplies through VistaPrint, I have a magnet on my van, a big poster I got for free from VistaPrint, had my ad in the local pennysaver, and have advertised on Craigslist (not often enough though, I will be posting again). I just recently got some flyers through VistaPrint where I can put around town. Guess I need to hang in there and enjoy it while it's rather quiet
MizzCheryl 05:40 PM 04-02-2012
yep enjoy. Cause when you get full they will work you to death. Last summer I actually took Tuesdays off cause things were slow. I just loved it. Then School was back in and baby did I fill up in a hurry.
Try not to stress, I am sure it will pick up.
Unregistered 01:15 PM 04-04-2012
I am also in the same boat. I just got licensed in February and have only received a couple of calls. The calls are either for times a couple hours before my daycare opens or for ages i can not do at this time. I have two babies that will be 2 of the 6 i am registered for.
I quit a managing position to open my daycare and now am getting discouraged. So far i have put flyers around, put ad in facebook as well as a facebook page,am on daycare sites, and have told many people.
So far only one potential part time client. Any advice for a newby would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
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