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bzzzybee 04:39 PM 08-20-2014
I have been advertising on craigslist since may and occasionally post on my own personal Facebook page that I have openings available in August. I have had two in person interviews, one in person interview that was a no show and a few call all of which have led to nothing.
So my question is what do you find is the best way to fill your spots? And how long does it take you?
AmyKidsCo 04:55 PM 08-20-2014
1. My website.
2. Word of mouth.
3. Child Care Resource and Referral.
Thriftylady 06:19 PM 08-20-2014
I am struggling right now also. I know for me it is two factors one being it is a small town. The other being that I don't take state money. We only have 3 providers in our county that do, if I did I could be full in a heartbeat. When I did daycare before I did take state money, but they only pay for the time the child is actually here, so if mom or dad picks up early it really hurts may pay. Easier to just do private pay.
Butter Biskets 07:10 PM 08-20-2014
Lately most of my interest has come from a sign on my window facing the street. I ordered it for super cheap from Vistaprint. I also advertise on Kijiji, but I am also finding that I am no longer getting many hits from there. There is also a community dayhome group in my area that advertises dayhomes for free and forwards emails from parents looking for care. That has been hit and miss. It could be the time of year too. I haven't had any interest all summer, but I have had alot more interest in the last week or so.
Thriftylady 07:13 PM 08-20-2014
I have also had some contact with the "garage sale" or "sale and trade" facebook groups in my area. I had one interview from that but it wasn't a match.
EntropyControlSpecialist 07:49 PM 08-20-2014
Facebook community groups and mom groups have brought about A LOT of business for me. I also created a guide to navigating my state's website that I post OFTEN whenever anyone is looking for care. What seems to get people "sold" upon coming is the small informational sheet I send to them before their tour. It has in depth information about my program so they can just get to know me and view my space when they come. Everyone that comes here lately signs on since I began doing that. I wasn't selling my program well enough before.
craftymissbeth 08:17 PM 08-20-2014
My community pretty much only uses the Facebook "swap" pages like a couple other people mentioned.
homeishere 09:15 PM 08-20-2014
I have a paid business profile on I have filled almost all my spots that way.
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