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twirlerzmom 08:46 AM 10-11-2019
Need suggestions on what to do with a days away from being2 year old who constantly snatches toys away from everyone. Doesn’t matter if she had no interest in it previously but as soon as someone else is playing quietly with something she will purposely run over and take the item away from the child and run away and laugh. The other children immediately verbalize no, stop, etc, but doesn’t even phase this girl. I’ve been using the terms not your turn, you can play with it after Susie is done playing with it but she either continues to play tug of war with the toy or walk away saying ok but then turn back and snatch it 60 secs later. My day is spent putting out fires that this girl is starting with all the others. She also constantly messes with the baby always shoving things in the baby’s mouth or getting in the baby’s face until the baby starts to cry. Do I separate her from the group and have her play alone? I find she’s starting to take all my attention every day now.
Tags:classroom management, discipline - consistency, redirect, separating children, shadow