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WImom 04:35 AM 07-14-2012
I've been conducting interviews for some fall spots I will have. I have 3.5 spots, never had this many spots before but it just so happens I have 3 kids going off to school and a part time spot I still haven't filled.

I've had 4 interviews now and one enrolled. I have two other's that I haven't heard back from but seemed interested at the interview. One other family that I need to email back that they will not be a good fit.

(1) What do I say to the family that isn't a good fit. I told her I had other interviews and would get back to them next week. I'll still be advertising so she'll know I didn't fill the spots.

(2)I've emailed both the other clients the day after the interview thanking them, etc. Do I just leave it alone now or email again saying I'm conducting other interviews, did they want the spot? I'd also like some feedback on why they chose someone else if they did. Curious how I can do better. How would I word that or do I just wait for them to contact me?
Truly Scrumptious 07:52 AM 07-14-2012
I always tell parents at the end of an interview things like....It was nice meeting you, I still have more interviews scheduled and.... I'll give an approximate date as to when I'll be making a decision, etc...But one thing I've been saying to parents that's been making it easier to give "bad news" later is...."Just like you have the right as parents to interview several providers and choose the one that best fits your family....I also have the right to interview several families and choose the one that best fits my day care family. If you are not chosen , it doesn't mean that I didn't like you or that you weren't a nice family, it's based on many factors...such as work hours, age of the child, and expectations of the family".
Also, if I don't choose them and I see them out while shopping (we live in a small town) it doesn't feel quite so awkward.

As far as contacting the other families you like...If I had sent "Thank you e-mails" , then I would wait for them to contact me. I never wanted it to appear as if I were desperate. Maybe when all the interviews are complete, if you haven't heard could send an e-mail stating that the interviews are over and if they haven't found care and are still interested, that they can contact you.
WImom 08:33 AM 07-16-2012
I'll have to remember that for my future interviews that I know are not going to be a good fit. Thanks.
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