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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Ugh! I Have My Own Drama This Week!
jessrlee 05:26 AM 06-16-2011
So I just started some new clients, a set of 16mo twins Everything goes pretty well mon and tues, mom and kiddos are happy. Tues night mom tells me that they are moving the 30th! So she "just wanted to let me know!" So I tell her that I will have to think about continuing care. She gets TICKED! She keeps telling me that at least I'm making the money and that she gave a two week notice (her second freaking day of care!) So I told her I would get back to her yesterday. She didn't show up so I assume the matter is settled lol! The only thing I'm worried about is that I have awesome WOM. I would hate for her to talk smack because she decided to use me for two weeks of babysitting and I shot her down.
Cat Herder 05:48 AM 06-16-2011
Anyone who has ever babysat as a teen knows why transitioning two toddlers into group care for ONLY two weeks, without being informed, would not be everyones cup of tea.

It does not take a seasoned provider to see that.

I think you are fine.

IMHO, She knew when she enrolled that she was moving.
morgan24 05:59 AM 06-16-2011
I think she was using you. Since you told her you would get back to her and let her know, I would call and make sure she knows that she has been terminated. I would worry about her talking about you, she's the one who is going to look like an a@@.
cheerfuldom 06:00 AM 06-16-2011
sounds like she had a tantrum just like her 16 month olds would. i am guessing you won't get two weeks notice pay either.
KEG123 06:12 AM 06-16-2011
Hmm.. Seems odd. So, basically what you're saying is that she planning to move far and then take them out of care?
jessrlee 06:59 AM 06-16-2011
Originally Posted by KEG123:
Hmm.. Seems odd. So, basically what you're saying is that she planning to move far and then take them out of care?
Why does it seem odd? Yes, the family is planning to move out of state. Probably they put their notice in to their regular provider too early and the provider filled the slot leaving them without care, so they decided to do the same to me. I'm not worried about the two week notice. They were only in care for two days, and I would have two weeks pay if I had chosen to keep my mouth shut and deal. I would rather just not have to deal with transitioning kids. I'm not really mad at her. We both know what she did was shady, she is mad I had the guts to call her out on it.
cyerob 07:59 AM 06-16-2011
People nowadays seems to change their minds quickly. And that is something we just

have to be prepared lol. I think for now it is best to just ignore her and go on with your

DC. I'm pretty sure you have much more problem or better yet important matters to

attend to than this.
wdmmom 09:48 AM 06-16-2011
My guess is: She gave her previous provider notice and things started going bad so she pulled them early. She found you fully knowing she would only need you for a couple weeks. You got took. Sorry!
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