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Growing1atime 11:57 AM 10-04-2011
DCB just told my three year old that if she didn't stop doing something he wasn't going to marry her when they grow up. He is five and hopelessly in love with my dd. He tells his mom she is the prettiest girl he has ever seen.

erinalexmom 05:09 PM 10-05-2011
That is so sweet! My DD is 6 and my dcg loves her! They say that they are 'sisters" its sweet
Meeko 09:07 AM 10-06-2011
My oldest dcb is one of my schoolies and is 10 years old. He has a hopeless crush on my 17 year old daughter. When she comes to hang out at the day care with me, he tries everything he can to get her attention. He sat in the corner and sulked for ages when he heard her talking to me about the homecoming dance and realized she had a hot date!
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