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vickivaliant 10:10 AM 08-07-2012
I babysit for a few two year olds, and also for my nephews 2 children ages 9 months and almost 3. I do not have a contract with my nephew and his wife, who hates her job and has been taking days off for various silly reasons, which includes the passed 2 days for the baby's low grade temp from teething! I charge him an already low rate for the 2 children, but this is costing in upwards of $40 a day! In 1 pay period alone she took off 3 days and continues to do this, 2 or 3 days, about every other week. I need advice!
Blackcat31 10:47 AM 08-07-2012
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cheerfuldom 12:03 PM 08-07-2012
the only thing you can do is either put up with the treatment or write up a contract and insist that they follow the rules just like any other daycare family or they can go find a new provider. At this point, you have to be prepared for them to leave and cause a lot of drama on the way out. This is why many providers do not work with relatives. I would never work with a relative and certainly not with anyone that has not signed a contract.
vickivaliant 12:11 PM 08-07-2012
Thank you for the advice! I think a contract will be served tomorrow.
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