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MarinaVanessa 07:40 AM 04-16-2010
So I regularly look through my handbook and contract to make sure that I have everything covered and will give all parent's newly updated one's every March or so. I was looking at my subsidy payment section and it's a pretty small paragraph:

"We accept government subsidies as a form of payment when a family qualifies. The parent/guardian is required to pay any remaining balance that is not covered by the subsity."

Seeing issues come up on the forum about subsidy payments i'm not convinced that this covers enough or that it explains enough to make me feel confident that I won't eventually have any issues. In CA we get a monthly payment subsidy check but since my families are fully covered they don't have to pay anything else but what if that changes? How do any of you handle these situations? Do they pay the balance in full immediately? Do you divide it in payments? How do you have your subsity payments clause worded? I would really like to be more specific as to the terms but not really sure how to go about it.
melissa ann 12:05 PM 04-16-2010
I have that any and all remaining balance is due within 5 days from when I get my check from subsidy.
Michael 04:29 PM 04-16-2010
Some more theads on the topic of subsidy:
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