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Sereetta 03:16 PM 03-06-2013
Just wondering if any providers take care of business(shopping, going to the bank, dr's visits) a couple of hours during the day or are you doing things solo therefore have to wait for the weekend.
Michael 03:21 PM 03-06-2013
We have a lot of threads on this subject:

Here is a poll with that question:
Springdaze 04:37 PM 03-06-2013
i work 11 hours, and i have to do shopping and such after. cant even do housework.
DaisyMamma 04:54 PM 03-06-2013
When I first started I had one child during the day plus mine. I did everything I would normally do as if he was another one of my own kids.

Once I was up to 3-4 I wasn't able to pull it off anymore, but was also unable to hire help with only having that many.

Now I do have help and I do get these things done during the week.
Evansmom 05:00 PM 03-06-2013
I am open 10.5 hours per day and I have 4 kids. I can't get anything done ever! Ha ha! I have a family if my own too and between caring for kids, activities, interviewing new clients, organizing toys, cleaning, grocery shopping, planning etc. I am exhausted and there is never enough time in a day. I'd love to get help but I can't afford it with only 3 daycare spots.
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