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Meeko 12:21 PM 12-13-2011
I always close my day care down in the days between Christmas and New Years.

I offer care in my own home for those who have to work. I just take some day care toys to my house and 'convert" my basement family room into a day care room for a few days. It's usually just a few kids. I only charge for the days they use to help stop the "dumpers" and charge a little extra. Well...this year nobody needs me! They either all have the days off, or have Grandma visiting or will be out of town! So I have from Dec 23rd to Jan 3rd off! Yeah! Time to enjoy my family! I will be back in January so refreshed and ready to go!
Blackcat31 01:47 PM 12-13-2011
Well, Merry Christmas to you then!! Awesome that you are getting osme unexpected free time!!
LittleD 02:39 PM 12-13-2011
Yes lucky you! Half of my parents are off but told me tonight that their kids will be coming as usual. Oh and here, they have 20 unpaid vacation or sick days, so it's not like they would be charged if the kept them home. Guess Christmas isn't always about family.
Crystal 02:45 PM 12-13-2011
CheekyChick 02:45 PM 12-13-2011
Enjoy your time off. You are sooooooooo very lucky.
Nellie 05:17 PM 12-13-2011
Meeko 05:25 PM 12-13-2011
Time with my pride and daughters!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
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mismatchedsocks 05:45 PM 12-13-2011
I think that is great you offer that! Enjoy your time off though!
Meyou 04:20 AM 12-14-2011
Gorgeous girls!!! Enjoy your vacation. You deserve it.
Cat Herder 04:59 AM 12-14-2011
Your daughters are beautiful!!

Have fun!!
DCMom 05:11 AM 12-14-2011
Your daughters are beautiful

I have always taken that week off because two of my kids' birthdays fall during that week. Now that they are all grown up, I feel kinda guilty

I end up doing daycare related stuff ~ taxes, painting, re-organizing, etc, etc.

Enjoy your unexpected time off!
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